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Firework display specialists based in Somerset


It is rocket science!


We create outstanding firework displays for events including…

If you want a professionally designed firework display for your event in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Bristol, Bath or the South West, get in touch.


Ok, so let’s cut to the chase – we love fireworks! And we know you love them too. 

We can all remember the first time we watched a firework display and the sense of wonder and excitement that we felt. In these days of Wi-Fi, HD, social media and YouTube, we are over-exposed to sensory stimulation. And yet, the explosion of sound and light that we experience when watching fireworks is one of the few things that can still utterly captivate us; reminding us of that joyous amazement we enjoyed as a child.


It’s easy to get bogged down with the details and forget why you wanted fireworks in the first place.  That’s why we’re here – to create an amazing display for you. We think fireworks are magical, and we’ll make sure that you, and anyone watching your display, will feel the same way too!


Our job is to astound you

To make sure that for the few minutes of your firework display you are spellbound, lost in the excitement that only fireworks can bring.  We want your display to be stunning – after all, we’re going to be watching it too (did we mention that we love fireworks?!)





Stunning fireworks, whatever your budget…


More bang for your buck!

“I’d really love a firework display, but they cost a fortune. Right?”


Actually, no they don’t. Of course, you can spend as much money as you like but an impressive 5 minute display, designed, installed, fired and then cleared away by our experts can cost as little as £600.00


Display costs are affected by:


To give you a better idea of cost, a good rule of thumb is to think in terms of pounds (£) per minute, and a duration of between 5 and 10 minutes.


Guide prices:


The budget is up to you, but regardless of what you spend, our expertise ensures that you get the best display possible.


Don’t forget – we want it to be magical

Our greatest reward is the look on people’s faces and we will do everything possible to get plenty of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ for the budget you have available.


To find out more, or to just have a chat about your firework display, get in touch.

Ring Simon on 07811 454252


Or click on the Enquiries button at the top of this page




Professional firework displays throughout Somerset and the South West


Whatever your event, let us put on the perfect firework display for you.


We are based near Glastonbury and work predominantly in Somerset and the South West. Having said that, we will never miss an opportunity to put on a display and have worked throughout the UK.


These are the type of events we do displays for:


Wedding Fireworks

Weddings are such wonderfully happy events, we always love doing a firework display for them. Whatever your budget, we can come up with something spectacular for you, including using quiet fireworks (which some wedding venues require).

To find out more, get in touch or take a look at our Wedding Fireworks page.


James, our lead technician, was a member of the Fantastic Fireworks team that won the 2015 British Fireworks Championships. His experience in both large and small events ensures that you will get the perfect display, whatever your budget. In fact, although we love large displays, the challenge of designing for a smaller event is particularly enjoyable. And the more intimate atmosphere that you get with a smaller crowd means we get to see first hand how much people have enjoyed the fireworks!


Some of the larger events we have been involved with include:


Regatta Fireworks

We love where we live, and one of the advantages is our proximity to seaside towns. Fireworks by the sea always seem particularly spectacular, probably due to the primeval relationship between fire and water.  We have designed and fired displays at numerous regattas including HENLEY and TORBAY and know exactly what works at events like these.


So whether you are planning a small private party, charity fundraiser, large corporate event, public display or regatta – Benchmark Fireworks can make your event go with a bang!



To find out more just get in touch.

Ring Simon on 07811 454252


Or click on the Enquiries button at the top of this page



To give you a feel for our work, here are a few images from displays we have designed or worked on.


The boring bit…


We aren’t just passionate about fireworks, we are utterly professional too.



You and your guests are our top priority and we never cut corners or compromise on firework safety.

We are happy to supply full information regarding our qualifications and insurances upon request.


The Somerset firework company you can trust


“Daylight always fades too soon…except when there are going to be fireworks.”



“Benchmark Fireworks stepped in at very short notice and produced an absolutely amazing display for our charity event. We explained that we had a limited budget since we were raising funds for some much needed equipment. ‘No problem’ they said, and designed an incredible display that was the highlight of the event.  Everyone has been talking about it and we hope to be able to use them again next year.”

Simon Hegarty
The Walton Trust




Photos from Benchmark Fireworks's post

Great display this evening (so nice to have it at 5.15pm; home for 7.30!) and James did a great job with some lancework for Cygnet Health’s 30th..

9 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

Photos from Benchmark Fireworks's post

Our last show of the season and we’re rigging in t-shirts on a beautiful afternoon

8 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

The finale!

11 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

Gert Lush!

5 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

This is a great effect with all the different colours

4 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

More from tonight’s show

4 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

Some of the effects from tonight’s display at Weston Rugby Ground.

2 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

Half an hour to go. Perfect conditions and the floodlights will be going out before we start.

6 likes, 0 comments5 months ago

Photos from Benchmark Fireworks's post

Setting up at Weston Rugby Ground- looking forward to another great display!

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It’s not many venues you get looked after like this! Rice-and-peas and jerk chicken from the lovely people at Rose Green.

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